Monday, April 29, 2013

theory of relativity and photos

The theory of relativity as it relates to the passing of time kicks in about this time each year.  While it seems to take forever for my laptop to boot up, March and April whiz by in a blur.  I'm sure there were some other good things from March that I missed but here are a few things from the end of April:

 Graduation happened.  We had a fairly large group of students getting degrees again this spring.  That's the very short Amanda and regular sized Taylor looking proud up there.

 And that's the very tall Jermel (Canada) with the regular sized Jim on the left with a very strange  look on his face.

 And there's Haley (H-Dawg) making fun of my homemade Sculpture medallion.  She's obviously jealous.  

 And that's EllenBess squeezed in between her tormentors.  

 Over the weekend Blue's school had a day of races.  Blue decided he wanted to run in the 1 mile fun run and I ran in the 5k not-so-fun run.  That's him in the navy shirt blasting off from the starting line.  When the horn sounded he just stood there for a moment while everyone else took off running.  He caught up quick.

The races were trail runs, which I thought would be great.  My everyday running path is a trail so I expected to do reasonably well.  This trail, however, was filled with creek crossings, horrible hills and fallen trees.  This was Blue's first race ever so he didn't know how tough the route was.

 But that's him just a few feet from the finish line and his face says it all.  He did great.  He didn't stop or walk for the entire mile and he finished 5th overall.  I'm pretty proud.

 Technically he did better than me since I finished 6th overall in the 5k.  It wasn't a record time for me but I finished right behind the cross country track coach for the school so I'm trying to feel good about that.

 We've been seeing a bald eagle near our house for the last few months.  We always get a really good look at him but we never have a camera handy.  I did manage to get this one with the iPhone.  I named him Bobby.

And speaking of iPhones, I took this photo on Sunday.  That is Laura Jean in the center and that pink and white thing in her hand is HER new iPhone.  That's right, LJ has an iPhone.  She's already getting the hang of it too.  This also makes me proud.

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