Saturday, November 25, 2017

dear blog

ok, so this is awkward.

we haven't talked in a while, blog.  i know i've said i'd update a few times over the last few months but other things got in the way.  it's my fault.  i'm sorry.

the thing is, school started after that last post.  fall semesters are notoriously busy and this one was no different, at least as far as school related things go.  we jumped right into the projects and the advising and the purchasing of materials and the upkeep of the sculpture studios.  all that was going well.  the kids started a new school and that added an extra little kick to the schedule but we were managing just fine.  but then there was the art making that started to make a little noise.  

the late winter, spring and summer started out 2017 with a lot of art rejections.  it seemed that every week i got another rejection email for an exhibit.  i kept entering things and went about my business at school and then the emails suddenly turned positive.  by the time school got going well, i was having to work on scheduling several deliveries and figuring out what work was going where.  then a couple more emails came and panic started setting in.  all of these shows were happening at the same time and i even had the bad moment of a couple of pieces being double booked and i had to employ my diplomacy skills to not seem like such an unprofessional slacker artist.  it all worked out perfectly, though.  i have absolutely zero complaints.  

by the end of december i will have had 8 exhibits in 3 months.  some were drawing, some were sculpture and some were both.  one was a solo show.  it was an amazing stretch.  to date i've completed 29 new drawings in 2017 and i have a commission waiting to make it at least 30 by the end of the year.  this does not include the butt drawings, one per week for the entire year.  i finished 2 new sculptures for one of the shows and i have a couple more unfinished ones waiting in the studio.  and somehow g and i still managed to finish the second season of stranger things, of course, that didn't release until most of this was out of the way.  

however, along with those unfinished sculptures in the studio, there are also a couple of tshirt designs for school i haven't got around to yet.  there are 3 books i've started and not finished stashed around the house.  the hedges haven't been trimmed since mid summer, the building needs to be painted, the truck hasn't been washed and at least 3 out of our 3 dogs are in desperate need of a bath.  oh, and i still cant remember that girl's name from winthrop 15 years ago.  

It also appears I forgot how to capitalize in my haste.  So, dear Blog, you're in good company amongst the many things I neglected since August.  But it would be nice to catch up.  Maybe we'll get a cup of coffee soon and I can share some of the coolest things that have stood out since our last chat.  I might even have some photos.  It'll be fun.  

Until then.