Sunday, April 21, 2013

the idiot chronicles

On April 18, 2012 I decided I would try to run 3.1 miles every single day.  It sounds more impressive if we use the metric system and say 5 kilometers every single day.  When I set a goal, it's something I take seriously, no matter how idiotic the goal may be.

368 lucky days later I've not missed a day of running.  That's 1,140.8 miles or 1,840 kilometers I've ran in the last year and 3 days.  I use the word "lucky" because I'm sure I've been lucky to avoid injury and sickness during this time to keep the streak alive.  I use the word "idiotic" because I'm sure only an idiot would run in some of the conditions I've ran in for the last year.  

Aside from the bolts of lightning, the freezing rain/snow and the 200% humidity, I've enjoyed it somehow.  I find now that I need to run because of how it helps my head as much as it helps the rest of me.  Thoughts come together or sometimes fade away completely as I run.  Headaches have loosened their grip and some great ideas have kept up with me along the way.  For reasons I do not understand, I love running.  

So why should you care?  
That's simple.  If you and I ever find ourselves being chased by fast zombies or angry're probably going to get eaten.  At least I was nice enough to warn you.

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