Sunday, March 28, 2021

plaster pouring day!

Spring semester is always so busy but it also provides some of the high points of the academic year.  One of those is, of course, plaster pouring day.  Plaster pouring day in 2020 was one of the last group things we were able to do before getting kicked off campus and into quarantine.  I honestly wasn't sure what it would look like this year with new considerations, but we were able to work things out just fine.  

There was one glitch, though.  I'm only teaching one of our three freshman design courses.  I had planned to ask if I could help out on plaster pouring day like I did last year.  Before I could ask, my colleague was forced into quarantine and unable to be on campus for the big event and asked me to fill in.  I was happy to do so.

Here's the summary in photos...

The "before" photo of the morning class featuring Asia, who just loves to come help out every year.  I love her.

Things got messy fast.

Sometimes you just have to jump in and hug a leaking mold.

The "after" photo.  Much better.

Asia deserved a pat on the back for her outstanding efforts.

The afternoon class 
"before" photo.

Immediate chaos.

Smiles amid the chaos.

The "after" photo.

Jocelyn was there to spectate and we were able to recreate her photo from 4 years ago.

The original photo.

Then it was time for my class.  The "before" photo.

The chaos.

The "after" photo.  

We were lucky to be able to work outside this year but the sculpture deck still hasn't fully recovered.  

Once again I was able to watch students come out of their shells and begin to work together as a team.  The sense of community was much stronger after this experience.  Long live plaster pouring day!

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