Thursday, June 26, 2014

open studio sale !!!

You're invited to this year's Open Studio Sale on July 12.  I'll have all sorts of strange things available for purchase.  Each year I create special items just for the studio sale.  This year I've created a line of steel mugs and flower vases.

 mugs are 4" to 7" tall

vases are around 10" tall

*mugs and vases are safe for flowers and whatever else you might want to put in them but they are NOT food safe.  Awesome, yes - food safe, no.

there are also some steel flowers and bowls left from last year

And of course there will be tons of drawings of all sorts and lots of sculptures available.  There's even a rumor that Blue and Violet will be selling some of their own drawings this year.  Heck, I might make some snacks for you to eat while you shop and look around.  

This is the one time each year I invite people to my hermit house so come on out while you can!

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