Friday, April 23, 2010

you may ask yourself

You may have been wondering lately.....I thought this guy was some artist or something? Where's the art?

Well, it's complicated.

But I have recently finished some new work. Here's a photo of my latest sculpture:

Ok, technically that's just a joke. I did make the recycled cardboard dog with a little help from the 3 1/2 year old but it was just a project for his class as they studied about Earth Day. If I were a good father I probably would have painted it or something but since we were already a day late the Sharpie spots had to suffice.

But seriously I have 2 new sculptures that I'm a little bit excited about...but I just got them home today so you'll have to wait for images.

In other news....
Tonight was the opening reception for the Senior Exhibition at Winthrop. The year-end awards were given as well and and the illustrious Molly Wise won the Outstanding Student in Sculpture Award. Almost four years ago Miss Wise entered my 3D-1 class as an Illustration major and now she is the undisputed queen of all things 3D. Nice work Molly. Here's a photo of her 2 new sculptures created for this show:

Former and current student Lila Shull took home the award for Outstanding Student in Drawing. I'll post some images of her drawings when I get them from her after the semester is finished.

Ashley Walker, who I've mentioned here recently also won the award for Commercial Photography.

Congratulations to these three talented ladies and all the other award winners.

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