Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some things I failed to mention....

Lander University held it's annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition recently.  We were all very proud of the work accepted and of the students who produced it.  It's doubtful anyone was as proud as me this year.....since a sculpture won best in show.  Pats on the back all around, and particularly to this year's award winners pictured below.

Do I even know all these people?  L-R Back Row:  Cas, Mariano, Andrew, Whitney, Santiago, Adri, Vince, Jamie, Casie, Sean, Taylor, Someone I cant see, Samantha, Gordon, Alex, Tavernier, Megan.  Middle Row:  Mia, Lydia, Amanda, Melissa, Hayley, Jensea, Erin.  And sprawled out in the front:  Jermel

Another really cool thing about Lander is the end of the year celebration also known as the Senior Cookout.  All art majors are invited to come honor the seniors by eating free food and acting goofy.  

I'm not sure what Ali's doing here, but she and those two with her are trouble for sure.

Apparently my camera forces people to look in the opposite direction

Or it makes them angry

Professor Slagle dressed out for the occasion in his high school soccer suit.  Here he is with a cake to honor our fearless leader.

Professor Singletary supervises Professor Holloway (with 80s mullet) as he fires up the candles

Our fearless leader, Dr. Neely taken aback as she's presented with the cake and flowers and much applause.

 Blowing out the candles

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