Thursday, May 24, 2012

the flowers of guatemala

Joan Miro was said to have held the belief that "the marvelous was to be found in the most commonplace experiences" *

With that in mind here are some commonplace experiences from our young summer:

 my mom at the indoor shooting range

 my view during the shooting test

 violet running

 blue blowing bubbles

 bubble and sky

 and with trees

 5K field day...the tug of war finale

 5K graduation play starring blue as herb the gardener

 blue marching.  i think the white blur on the left is the glare from my head

violet trying on the hat after some chocolate cake

* Carolyn Lanchner's essay from the book "Joan Miro" published by the Museum of Modern Art.  Quote is from page 19 discussing the painting "Person Throwing A Stone At A Bird"

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