Saturday, May 5, 2012

and finally....

Graduation happened...

This motley crew walked the stage*, switched their tassels and became citizens of the world. I had the joy of teaching all but one of them in sculpture this past year.  Some of them even grew to love that third dimension. 

 Melissa even changed religions.  She once belonged to the cult of photography where she won awards and generally wowed people with her camera skills.  This year she converted to sculpture and her life has been amazing ever since.  Let this be a lesson to you all.

Oops.  Accidental photo taken while having our big group photo taken.

There's the big group photo of professors and art graduates.  We are proud of them and their work.  Now please hire them so they can afford grad school.

*Visual Arts falls at the very end of the alphabetical listing of graduates in the ceremony making this gang the last bunch to walk the stage.  Somehow the timing got confused and Jamie had to walk in slow motion across the stage so as not to crowd the graduate in front of him.  This threw Melissa off as well causing her to do some sort of slow motion creeping tip toe type of dance.  Everyone laughed at these two as they closed out the program with their eccentricities.  

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