Tuesday, May 29, 2012

g won't let me use the good title

No sculpting over the long weekend.  I did accidentally start a new drawing but it's likely to be neglected until the sculpture idea well dries up.  Sculpturally speaking, it's been a good start to summer.  The long weekend was nice but Saturday was a standout day.

 Violet spent quality time with her buddy Zeke.

 We got brave enough to venture over to the Ware Shoals Catfish Feastival.

 There were strange buildings and merry go rounds.

 And teeth!

 Blue and Violet had a great time.

 G and I both found the merry go round to be more nauseating than when we were kids.

 Then we stumbled upon tons of hot air balloons just outside Freedom Weekend Aloft.

 The balloons came up as we drove by and we stopped and watched as they drifted over us.

 Literally....right over us.

And the Plantation produced it's first crop of vegetables.  I'm so happy I'm going to break my rule and eat something green.

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melissa said...

you... eat a vegetable? surely it was topped with bacon