Thursday, March 5, 2015

getting plastered

Plaster pouring day is always exciting.  Exciting for me at least because I know what's going to happen.  Students are always a little apprehensive because they don't know what's going to happen.  Here's how the controlled chaos went down:

 Dread was fearless and jumped right in up to her elbow mixing the first batch.

 Queen Elizabeth V  donned her Bane mask and her Peaches or Peace pants for the occasion.

 Goat Girl was all smiles.

 ...and then the leaks began.

 ...and they got worse

 ...and the bonding began.  They look like scouts around a campfire.  Except with plaster in their hair.
...and on their hands, legs and noses.  And all over my floor.

 The pouring took a long time with that first class and when it came time to clean up, suddenly everyone had a test or another class they had to attend.  The cleaning was left to the hardest worker, Violet, who had to take a sick day.  Look at that sweeping form.

Then we cleaned up outside (that's her working hard on the left).

 Once the room was clean she packed up her coloring books and her stuffed weenie dog, threw on her new sunglasses and posed for a few photos before heading to Bojangles.

 First thing Tuesday, the small class made their mess.  Syd Vicious, Tardy Jamie and Jamaica jumped in to stop up holes while Olivia stood behind them in silent judgment.

 After Olivia had enjoyed the show, Metal Megan came in to laugh and have her fun.  After my students survive the plaster disaster, they all delight in coming in to watch the new group of students flop around on the floor trying to keep plaster in their forms.

 In the afternoon it was time for the next class to have their fun.  It's great to watch the wide range of student types come together to help each other.

 ...and it's great to watch them get covered in plaster.

 Chelsea (in the glasses) seemed to love the entire experience.  Mia (in the upper left) came to laugh at the plaster-ers for the third year in a row.  You'll also notice our Art Historian beside Mia who came to help.  Notice how clean she is.  Smart choice.

 Megan came back and so did Jamaica (in the red) to see more fun in the afternoon.

 The afternoon class pouring went quickly and had relatively few disasters.

 They were all pretty proud of themselves.

Chelsea did such a good job mopping that she received a standing ovation.  She did well but the others were mostly clapping because they didn't want to mop.

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