Sunday, March 15, 2015

the chronicles of spring break

 Spring break unofficially started very early Friday morning for me with the news that Metal Megan won 2nd Place in the Peachbelt Art Exhibit.  Her steel sculpture was awarded out of 61 entries from 8 different colleges.  

 A couple of hours later I got to watch as Metal Megan found out about her award while we represented Lander Visual Art at the 2nd Annual College Art Day at the SC State Museum in Columbia.  That's Mia, Megan and Braden making Lander look good.

 After work we got to snoop around the museum and check out the cool art.

 Later in the weekend we had the rare treat of hanging out with Donovan and Ginger at the same time.  Donovan is all married now and living in Nashville with his lovely wife while he "teaches" at Belmont University.  He normally plans his visits while we are out of town but we lucked up this time and our spring breaks allowed us to get together to catch up.  He mocked studio art teachers and I mocked those hour long "academic" classes.

 The spring break forecast called for rain all week.  I needed to draw and do tons of boring computer work for school so I didn't complain too much.  But Zeke needs his regular hiking fix so we ignored the rain chance and drove up to Paris Mountain State Park for a nice long walk uphill. 

 The park is pretty cool and since the weather forecast is always wrong, we didn't even have to get wet.

 Zeke has a preference for local organic spring water.  He loves to get it right from the source.

 We hiked the Sulphur Springs trail loop so we had that flowing water bottle beside us for half the walk.

 We even took the time to check out the giant bridge that was built over the tiny creek near the pond.  Pretty useless, but beautiful.

 A day or so later the rainy weather stopped around noon and turned into a sunny, warm day.  I only noticed because Timber made me stop drawing to take him outside.  Once he had me out there in the sun, he dropped to the grass and refused to get up.  I took the hint and we sat in the sun for about an hour.

 And I still managed to finish the drawing.  It's a 2' x 3' piece of wood so it took quite a while.

 After all the items on the to-do list were scratched through, G and I sneaked away to Charleston.  (By the way, "sneaked" is the correct word.  I looked it up.  "Snuck" is currently accepted but "sneaked" is officially correct.)

 Rain was still in the forecast but we managed to dodge it completely.  We also got to do some great people watching.  We sat in White Point Gardens and watched this group of grown men participate in some sort of training exercise.  Each man had to carry another man on his shoulders the entire length of the gardens and then back again.  There was a dude with a fancy camera filming them (and laughing at them) and another dude with a microphone keeping them motivated.  We saw the same group the following morning over in Mount Pleasant carrying a full size telephone pole down the sidewalk.  Strangeness.

We also sat on a bench and watched group after group try their luck at having their photo made sitting on the low live oak limb.  Most of them eventually got the photo, but they paid for it in public humiliation.  Almost all of them needed assistance getting into position without breaking their face.

 We took the required walk along the Battery.

 And because we needed a beach fix, we made a quick stop by Sullivan's Island to see some sand and waves.  The stop was really quick because the wind was very cold and one of us did not bring a jacket.  

We ate nearly non-stop while we were there.  Page's Okra Grill was excellent but the banana pudding was still weighing me down the next morning as I ran.  

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