Sunday, March 29, 2015

family, awards, doughnuts!

 If you've read anything here before, you already know that Lander is the best place to get your art degree.  Several of the reasons why can be found in the odd panoramic photo above.  Open the photo in your browser and fully enjoy the table setting filled with faculty and students who are all present by choice on a weekend just because we like each other.  We met in Sparkle City Saturday for dinner at Mellow Mushroom in preparation for the reception and awards ceremony for the 3rd Annual Collegiate Invitational Art Exhibition at the Spartanburg County Public Library Headquarters.  Look closely and you'll also see our server with her seven fingered hand.  Thank you iPhone pano!

 The 3rd ACIAE is a cool event the library puts on each year and is the brainchild of Miranda Sawyer, the library's art coordinator.  The exhibit brings in 8 upstate colleges and universities and exhibits the work of 48 student entries along with 16 faculty pieces.  The invitational work is judged and the library sponsors a great set of awards.  It is a wonderful thing for our students.  We've participated each year and Professor Slagle and I have always attended with a great group of students.  

 This photo is a little more professional, except for the bald guy putting bunny ears on people.  We can't take him anywhere.  Our students are awesome for showing up to an event like this and even better, we have students like Elizabeth, Lindsay and Mia who just showed up to support their ArtFamily.  (L-R: Logan, Kayla, Elizabeth, me, Daniel, Lindsay, Slagle, Mia, Jeremiah, other Kayla, and Braden)

 This is Logan's photo entry featuring another student, Molly as the model.  Logan says the most wonderful things.  Just before leaving the restaurant, she asked, "So, does this library have books?"

There's Jeremiah with his beautiful oil painting.  And if I were a better person with a better memory, I would also be showing several other images of students standing with their work.  Sorry y'all.

 Side note:  Ric Flair is coming to the library on April 17!  Wooooooooooooo!

 And because our students are awesome, they always do well with the awards.  There's a very excited Braden and Kayla up there.

 Braden won the Friends of the Library Award for his sculpture "Allocation".  And he went the whole night without a hat on his head.  Surely a first.

 Kayla pulled in two awards, a Merit Award and the Library Purchase Award for her ceramic sculpture "Remnants".

What better way to celebrate victory (or a Saturday) than going to Krispy Kreme?

We ate a LOT of doughnuts.  And special thanks goes out to the table behind us for the nicest, most polite photobomb ever.  

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