Saturday, February 28, 2015

art hike II

 today i went hiking with this merry band of hoodlums.  a few of the hardcore hikers from the first art hike returned and we had some new hikers too.  even sean and katertot made the trek to join us.

 i was hoping we might see some leftover snow or ice but i was not prepared for the winter wonderland hike.  it was awesome.

 cessquatch, sean of the dead and katertot were reunited.  cessquatch was happy to have snow too since her dad sorta short changed us out of snow a couple of days ago.

 we lost katertot for a while.  sean and cessquatch looked everywhere for her.

 when i got my first view of rainbow falls i was immediately pelted by snowballs.

 lindsay and tripp posed in front of a frozen fall.  i think this was tripp's first hike ever.

 the 100 foot waterfall is awe inspiring any time of year but it was especially great today.  

 we had a real life photographer with us who kept risking his life to get a great shot.

 if you look about halfway up with a magnifying glass, you'll see james taking great, risky photos.

 at the foot of the falls giant spikes of ice kept falling.

 didnt seem to bother james, though.  

 or lindsay

 did i mention it was very cold today?  very cold.  and the wind blew the icy mist all over everything.  it was great.

 really great.

 i insisted on making a snowman since i havent been able to play in any snow this year.  kristen (dread) helped give him a face.

 we have such a great group of students.  i mean, seriously, what student wants to walk several miles uphill on a saturday with a teacher who tortures them all week?

 each time i tried to get a good river photo, i got ambushed by snowballs.  i caught one with my face but i'm pretty sure i bruised someone's hip.

 tripp found groot standing on his head.

 everyone lived and we only had one free bleeder.

 the bathrooms were heated so everyone gravitated there.  from left that's sean, katertot, cessquatch, tripp, lindsay, armir, james, taylor, queen elizabeth the 5th, dread & chelsea.

great people.  great hike.  lander visual art is the best.

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