Wednesday, February 4, 2015

a few saturdays

The spring semester is underway.  Spring semester means I get a new crop of freshmen in my Foundations classes.  That means I get to learn new names and try to get into their minds to figure out how to challenge them and move them forward.  That process involves goofing around a bit so that they know I'm not trying to destroy them.  And apparently that also means that I get Snapchatted and find strange notes on my whiteboard.  (Being Snapchatted seems to involve students taking covert photos of me in class and then drawing on that photo or typing something sarcastic and then sending that image to all their friends.)

 Winter also means we can explore the woods without having to worry about people mistaking us for deer.  Blue and I headed out on the 4 wheeler a couple of Saturdays ago and found this great deer skull.

 The next Saturday we took a short waterfall hike.

 And yet another Saturday had us careening down a small, snowy mountain on an inner tube.  We went to Moonshine Mountain in Hendersonville for the first time.

 Blue had his photo made with the POTUS while we were there.

 I used to ski a lot but this was my first time tubing.  I was surprised by how fast those tubes slide down the hill.  Violet did it twice and it scared the pants off of her.

 It was a lot of fun but we were lucky we arrived when we did.  As our time ran out three tour buses of college students and four big vans full of people arrived to clog the place up.

 Blue is taking Tae Kwon Do with a bunch of kids his age.  During their first time ever doing freestyle sparring, he got to fight a girl.

 And yet another Saturday....last Saturday, we got yet another dog.  Why?  Well just look at him.

 Seriously, how could you go to a shelter and not take this guy home?  

...and the school construction continues.  

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