Friday, July 6, 2012

not a bacon pig

This is Guinea Pig.  That is both what he is and what he is called.  We tried to make several names stick, including "Squeaky Bob" but the kids keep calling him "Guinea Pig" despite our efforts.

You know how in some relationships there's the one sane person and the one crazy person?  The sane person works to talk the crazy person down from all these ridiculous ideas and the crazy person works to talk the sane person into all sorts of awesome ideas.  The miracle of compromise (or fatigue) results in most of the decisions falling within the acceptable areas of the bell curve. 

This may shock you....but I'm usually the crazy one.  I really don't think I'm that eccentric but I will admit that I have my moments.  Many years ago Georgie came home from work to discover that I had painted the kitchen cabinets yellow and purple.  I still argue that it was an improvement over the cruddy brown but in hindsight.......sure, white would have been a safer bet.  I stand by my decision to paint the vaulted ceilings light blue.  Even Georgie agreed that it looked cool.  I may have fatigue and pain killers to thank for her agreeing to name the kids after colors.

Sometimes the sane person gets crazy ideas too.  Sometimes the sane person comes home with a Guinea pig.  Surprise!

Guinea pigs don't really do anything.  He squeaks and eats and poops.  I've been told that you can train them to walk on a leash and the absurdity of that image makes me want to do it.....but I promise I won't.  He mostly just sits in his guinea pig lair and looks around.  He's not magic, he can't fly and he's not exactly affectionate.  If you watch him, you just get bored. 


I figure if I'm agreeable to having Guinea Pig as a pet I may eventually be able to talk Georgie into helping me tame a Hawk and letting him live in the basement.  We could have a little elevated doggie door  so he could fly in and out at will.  That's a great idea, right?


Java said...

hee hee

Yeah, that's a great idea.

It may come as no surprise to you that I am the crazy one in my relationship.

e-sketchbook said...

in fairness, I think your husband may have had a few, shall we say, "interesting" ideas.

hope y'all are well.