Thursday, July 26, 2012

more summer adventures

As G continues to recover with her bionic robot neck, I've found myself going from having hours of solitude on these summer days to having almost none.  Of course I can't complain about anything since I've had lots of hermit time during the first half of the summer, but I'm having a bit of trouble thinking about creative things lately. 

So we've ditched creative production in favor of adventures...

 Blue and I took in a minor league game in Greenville

 Blue got an inflatable bat...great for hitting sisters in the head.

 And he bonded with the Reedy Frog mascot guy.

 I've been doing a lot of driving to Sparkle City getting Violet to school.  If I take the interstate I have to deal with every single citizen of Tennessee...and if I go through town I see things like the guy in this truck.  I don't follow politics at all but this guy seems to be ticked at the president.  Ticked enough to write a message to him on the back of his truck in permanent marker.  Odd.  If you can't read it, it says "Obama, I will not comply".

 And then there was the Geek Squad guy who pulled his rather distinguished black pipe out and stood for a smoke outside Best Buy.  If you've ever wondered what  it would look like if you mixed C.S. Lewis and a computer geek....there you go.

 In the category of really bad ideas, we went roller skating.  Which in our current situation means...I, a 40 year old man, had to suit up with skates and take a 5 year old on wheels by one hand and a 3 year old on wheels by the other AND try to keep all 3 of us upright.

 Blue on skates was like watching a baby horse stand up for the first time....on ice....covered in marbles.  His feet were in constant motion - never a stable moment.  Violet was a bit more stable because of her skates.  I'm proud to say that I did not fall a single time and not so proud to say that I rolled over both childrens' fingers during the outing.

 I wasn't completely honest about not producing any creative work.  I did finish my drawing series called "The Four".  These are each 24" x 36" ink on wood panel. 

 We are taking care of our neighbors' animals this week.  I'm getting a really good look at where our eggs come from.  It doesn't get much more local than this.  If you've never had the joy of washing off the eggs, I highly recommend it.

 We get to feed Frosty apples and carrots.  The kids love to pet him while they dodge his slobber.

 And he loves to do this right after a good snack.

 Blue and I went hiking again this week.  We tried Jones Gap State Park out this time.  It's a beautiful place.

 I learned that when hiking with a 5 year old it's not always best to chose the shortest trail available.  This trail was quite steep and fairly tough.

 Blue's legs got tired pretty fast and we went through our peanut butter and jellys and waters pretty fast.

 He insisted on crossing this bridge by himself on the way back down.  A streak of independence that we are seeing more and more of as the days go by.

And here's an upside down tree face for the road.

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