Sunday, July 29, 2012

cats have 9 lives

Dr. Linda Neely at her retirement celebration

This summer has brought many things with it but one thing I'm not thrilled about is the retirement of Dr. Linda Neely.

Dr. Neely has been a fixture at Lander for many years as she has powered through her second life.  I call it her second life because in her first life she was a public school teacher.  In her second life she has been a professor, department chair and dean and now she leaves us as Professor Emeritus.

Linda was chair of our department for my first two years at Lander and she took extra time to guide me through all the newness.  She is a walking encyclopedia and she always had time for questions and always gave thoughtful answers.  Ever the humble servant leader, she focused the spotlight of attention on her faculty and students.

Those of you who know Dr. Neely will expect (like me) that instead of finding a comfy spot on a couch, in August she will begin her third life....whatever that might be.

I hope she finds the best of luck as she moves forward.  Thanks for everything!

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Java said...

I will miss her very much. I'm sorry she's leaving.