Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blue's Clews

For a while now, Blue has been making "sculpt-chures" using his 3D toys.  At first this meant that we had to leave the "sculpt-chures" out for days at a time before he could be talked into dismantling them and putting them away. 

Then he started giving them titles.

And now he's started suggesting that we buy them from him with pretend money.  Don't worry, I'm not going to tell him that people don't really buy 3D work.

Here's a few that we snagged this week for $5 of pretend money each:

 "Super-Rainbow 3000"

 "Tallest American Flag in the World"

 "The Super-Make Umbrella"

"Super Tallest Rainbow in the World Steps Upside Down Lego"

And for those of you who know how I, I did not critique them. 

Not in front of him anyway.  But check out that balance of color and activation of space.  

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Katie said...

you know you did. :)