Saturday, September 15, 2012

great/awkward moments in sculpture #91

 If this looks odd, that's simply because it is.  Ashley is making a quick cast of her body so she can make a wood sculpture to fit it perfectly.  Sean was kind enough to help.
 Abby's cast of the top of her head
 Someone taped rabbit ears on Brandy's head cast
 Shawny has her dust mask ready
 Patro uses a chainsaw for the first time
 And Megan puts her pencil in her hat to show that she knows exactly what she's doing
And now we have public art on campus.  We've never had outdoor sculpture installations on campus so this is a big deal.  I'm very proud to showcase the work of my students and I'm thrilled to have these locations approved for temporary exhibits.  Congrats to Anne McKinney and Amy Walde for breaking these spots in for us.
 AnnieBob's sculpture outside the Art Studio
JAW's sculpture near the Jackson Library entrance

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