Sunday, September 9, 2012

awkward moments in sculpture #1, blue wisdom

On the first day of class I explained that there would be no crying allowed in sculpture.  I also explained that there would be no hugging allowed in sculpture. 

On the second day of class someone hugged me and I cried. 

Thanks to Cessquatch for preserving this moment on film.

Friday we caught the opening reception of "Privacy Conundrums" featuring the work of Todd McDonald and Elizabeth Snipes at Riverworks Gallery in Greenville.  Beautiful work by both artists, though I may be a a little biased toward Elizabeth since she works with me at Lander.  It's a great gallery by the Reedy River and you should go see it.

As we parked downtown, out of nowhere, Blue proclaimed "The world is like a parking garage for people."  I think he may be a genius.


Nora said...

Haha, sneak hug attack! Can't remember if I ever did one of those, lol. I want to say I think I did...but maybe not out of respect...hmm, memory fails me...granted I had plenty of other ways to bother you, lol!

Nora said...

Oh, and Blue is way too smart for his age. Just wait until his teen years!