Friday, September 21, 2012

Godspeed pal

It's important to remind yourself why you create art.  Do you make things just for you or do you make things to communicate with other people?  If at least some small part of your intent is to communicate with others you'll spend a lot of time entering and applying for shows to get your work out of the studio where people can actually see it. 

It's not so tough to ship one of your creations out as long as you know there's return postage.  In a month or so it will come back to you.  But when you send one out on a one way have that split second when you hear "Cat's in the Cradle" play in your head, wishing you'd spent more quality time with the artwork. 

Hopefully someone will give him a good home and he'll be happier this way.  And if I kept everything I made I'd eventually have to go on a bad TV show on TLC, right?

As a side note, Blue and Violet were amazed by the box of SRAM parts that came in the mail to help make this sculpture.  When Violet saw the finished sculpture she used her very excited voice to say, "Daddy!  You made them so pretty!  You put all the parts on it and you DID it!"

Then we made a list of words that we never use in a critique.  Joking.

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