Tuesday, February 28, 2012

great moments in sculpture # 103

The Lander University campus was invaded last week by the work of my students.  As most students went about their last week before spring break studying, reading and hanging with friends they kept getting bumped by sweating sculpture students lugging large sculptures across the commons. 

This is the largest student exhibit I've attempted so far.  The work looks great and the students should be as proud as I am.

Jermel's Gumby lounger & Jensea's lobster/fish chair

Ali's nose pew

and the other side

Corey's monster toe stool, Vince's aphid chair with private storage compartment & Melissa's rocking horse dog with large intestines

Tavernier's coil vessel, Jaw's coil dog, Alex's laminated hand, Jensea's laminated travel guitar, Adri's laminated brace & Vince's steel bell tower with working bell

Cas's steel house, Blaire's steel architecture & Vince's laminated walking/reading device

Devin, Jonny Cupcakes, Tavernier, Anne, & Ashley's coil vessels

Cessarich, Ashley, Devin, AnnieBob & BJ's coil ceramics

Soundsuits by Mabry, Octavia, John, Eberry & Ali

Alex & Mylissa's steel houses & Amanda's laminated wrists

Jensea's steel house & Cas's laminated laptop stand

Melissa's steel house & Mylissa's laminated shin guards

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