Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the Christmas post

The days off from routines provided a burst of creativity around here...

Blue drew "a building where kids who are dead go to feel better".  This is 5' x 10' on the floor of my sculpture hauling trailer.

Georgie fashioned a chicken pillow set for a gift.

Violet drew what she said was our dog Zeke.  Squint your eyes, there's a white lab in there somewhere.

And I got to work on a drawing of my own.

I also got to paint.  Painting is the devil.  I hate painting.  No offense to you painter types, but I hate the act of painting.  But at least it brought the bathroom out of the 1980's.

I met my goal.  I'm fond of setting outlandish goals just to have something to work toward.  I'm not saying it's smart, I'm just admitting that it's something I do.  I decided to try to reach 1,000 km within the year.  I had to run in some rain showers, some early mornings and some late nights, but ridiculousness prevailed.

What would Christmas be without some guns?

And we were apparently good enough to get a visit from Santa


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