Friday, January 7, 2011

3 questions - all rhetorical

Remember Tetris?

Of course, mine was not in color....but back in the day we had one of those hand held games featuring Tetris and it was addictive. I would get so focused on the game that when I'd stop playing it I would still see those little blocks falling wherever I looked.

I've been writing un-fun stuff almost nonstop since 8:00 am and my brain feels like that. I look away from the computer and I'm seeing words and paragraphs and lining up synonyms.

Don't you hate it when you fail?

I went looking for an old sketch this week and in last year's sketchbook I ran across the page in the image above. I don't make New Year's resolutions but I do remember making a conscious decision last year to sketch more in my sketchbook. My goal was to sketch a few times each week. Sure, I remember this now.......after flipping through the old book, but it had totally slipped my mind.

As I turned the pages I saw that I did have sketches entered in several times each week. I did well right up until August 20...
But that was it. There were a few odd sketches scattered around after that but the remainder of the book was filled with notes and lists related to school. Major fail.

I love sketching and I really do believe it makes one a better person. There are all sorts of serious reasons for that but just in terms of common sense - it's a good idea for an artist to record his or her ideas. The fact that I know this and still slacked off on my sketching probably makes me a bad person.

Apparently the gods of sketching thought it would be a hoot to teach me this lesson on exactly the same date I began last year. Nice. Lesson learned.

Don't you just love gifts?

Blue made me 5 paper swords, a drawing of a man, a handmade card and gave me 3 oak leaves for my birthday. Very cool.

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Java said...

Happy Birthday

I love Tetris. When I played it compulsively I'd go to bed at night and see falling blocks when I closed my eyes. I want to make a Tetris quilt. Perhaps I should sketch that idea.