Sunday, August 9, 2009

have you any wool

We finally got away to the beach for a week. We endured several bathroom stops, roadside feedings, and 576 renditions of "Bah Bah Black Sheep". Still it was relaxing and enjoyable. I started and finished 2 art related books (I'll never tell how many pages each had) and did some major planning for the upcoming semester. In the spirit of the completely absurd stories our son tells us each day, I'll recap the Wild Coastal Adventures:
We dug for buried pirate treasure and were attacked from behind by an evil red umbrella.

Then a little man flew his kite up over the water while he floated on top of the ocean. He had no idea that the ocean was going to get him. Thousands of sharks and jellyfish waited underneath for him to fall down.

The sharks went into a feeding frenzy yet they were kind enough to sign some autographs and pose for photos.

Then the kite turned into a giant octopus and scared the sharks away. Then they took us to get some ice cream.
But this magical ice cream melted at astonishing rates and seemed to have a deep seated hatred for the Cubs. The ice cream fought with the hat and tried to devour it.

Marty McFly came to the rescue in his DeLorean from the future. After a quick pit stop for diapers, he was off to Colorado to see if he could catch up with Ginger and The Casey as they....well, lets just say they're passing through Salina with a pretty girl from Chile wondering if it's the beaches or the smoke in our lights that caused the weight of lies to buy it in the curve. You follow? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full. Trust me, it's more interesting this way. Otherwise it's just a stupid slide show of a beach trip where I say, "we saw this and we did this."...and unless you were there, it wasn't that funny and you just don't care.


Paula Gillman & Co said...

this was entertaining :)

Ginger said...

This merits an official props my friend.......props indeed.