Tuesday, August 25, 2009

cats are the devil

Sunday morning I woke up a bit puzzled from a dream. My first thought was that it was unsettling, but the more I thought about it, the more it just became funny.

My wife and I were being chased in the dream. Ok, not chased so much as just irritated. Like when a fly or a late summer gnat just keeps diving at you. Except the chaser in the dream was a hummingbird. Let me just say that those of you laughing now would also have been scared by the hummingbird if it were your dream. The little guy was tenacious.

Anyway, he chased us around while carrying a big banner with words on it tightly grasped in his beak. His razor sharp beak. In the dream we finally realized that it was silly to be running from a hummingbird so we stopped and as he got close enough to us we were able to make out the words on the banner.

It read, "You will all burn like kittens!"


Paula Gillman & Co said...


Ps. Chris and I went to Asheville's Arboretum yesterday and they have an AWESOME exhibit right now on birds. "Birds: Scientific Illustration" be exact.

anyways, part of it it this glass case filled with all sorts of dead/stuffed birds including a male and female hummingbirds.
Also, got to see very up close a hawk and bald eagle.
So, cool. I got close enough to the hawk and eagle that we could have had my nose (or half my face) in one bite if they hadn't have been well....stuffed.

Nora said...

Humming birds really are mean. I've been dive bombed if I stay near the feeder too long-it's near our front door, so they get plenty of opportunity to harass me for being at their feeder. And they attack each other to keep others from the feeder...weird huh

e-sketchbook said...

nora...our hummingbirds are wild this time of year too. and since i know you like them so much, i'll be sure to put up a couple of photos we just took a couple of days ago.
and yes, i'm around on m/w this semester.