Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Space Transformed

Two years ago Cate Ryba, a City of Spartanburg employee, told me she was interested in bringing contemporary public art to the downtown Spartanburg area. Since I had some contemporary public art and she had some interest, we got along well.
It's taken some time and some meetings and some manual labor, but at last Cate has met her goal of putting the "art" back in Spartanburg. (I totally ripped that phrase off from my friend Ginger)
Here's the spot she had in mind last Tuesday:
And here's the spot again last Wednesday:
Cate did just about all of the work on making this project happen along with some help there at the end from her office mate Anna Poole and David Lankford with the Dept. of Public Works. They all made it easy for me to just show up and plant a couple of sculptures.
Herman Closeup

Elmer (L) & Herman (R)

The exhibit will last 3 - 6 months and is located by the clock tower on Main Street at the Spring street intersection. Free parking is available along two sides of the exhibition site.

It is my hope that when Herman and Elmer move on to another location they'll be replaced by more contemporary public art. This is an opportunity to make a wide variety of artwork available to the public free of charge on a continual basis.

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