Friday, June 20, 2008

in case you missed it

Ok, let's just be honest. If you've found this little neck of the web, there's a good possibility you've seen my art. And if you've seen it, well, then you've seen it, right? So why would you want to drive all the way across the state to see it again? Or, heaven forbid, cross a state line? Is there really any difference in how the sculptures look from one show to another? And do you need to see them in person if you've already perused them on the interwebs?

Some of you laugh, but seriously, I get these questions more often than you'd think.

Yes. The sculptures (and drawings) look different from show to show. Some of this has to do with the technical aspects of the physical gallery...lights, floor space, size, floor and wall treatments...but more importantly it has to do with how the separate works of art interact with one another. Most people would be surprised by how I can nudge the viewer in different conceptual directions simply by placing two well chosen sculptures near one another.

Just think of it this way...when you see photos of sculptures and drawings, it's just like seeing photos of your family members. There they are frozen in that instant for your viewing pleasure. But going to an exhibition is more like attending the family reunion. Suddenly you're in the midst of these folks in action. The accents, the voice volume, the hand motions, the expected and unexpected stories, and sometimes even the smells...they all mix there in one room and you experience it.
This is why you go to live concerts instead of being content with the frozen version on the album. This is why you go see art in real life instead of just viewing it on a screen. Those of you who've stood in front of a Van Gogh with your mouth appropriately ajar, can I get a witness?

But alas, gas is high, vacations are planned, and dang if it isn't hot. So this is where I post more frozen images of the awesome art exhibition you didn't get to attend and completely undermine the articulate argument above. Enjoy.


molly said... could have at least told me of this. I like the orange and the letters of your looks like it was a good set up and a nice space...fancy.

Chris and Austin said...

what a nice setup.

i get excited with all the little explosions of color going off in front of my face...
wish i could have seen this in person.

e-sketchbook said...

CCU has a great gallery space.