Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Anybody Want This?

I made this table and set of 4 chairs in 2003. It's awesome. It also needs to go. I have sculptures, drawings, and frames crammed in every cubic inch of my storage areas and this ended up the odd man out.
It's one of a kind, hand-made and still in very good condition. Yes, I know the faux-fur seat cushions rock.
$100 for all 4 chairs and the table. Comment or email me at my website if you're interested. UPDATE: someone called dibs.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Man, if I had $100 and someplace to put that I'd love to own a crazy Doug table, but alas, our house is full and I doubt I could talk tommy into cramming this into his tiny condo-he has no table now b/c there's no place for one...

Maybe one of these days after I sell some jewelry I can aquire a smaller Doug original, that would be cool.