Wednesday, April 27, 2016

more art shenanigans (with awards and doughnuts)

Lander once again participated in the Collegiate Art Invitational Exhibition at the Spartanburg County Public Library Headquarters this year.  Each year, universities in the upstate area of South Carolina are invited to select 6 students from their department to exhibit.  We chose our 6 students and headed out to the reception and awards ceremony a couple of Saturdays ago.  We've developed the tradition of meeting for dinner before the reception and grabbing a few doughnuts at Krispy Kreme afterwards.

This year we decided on Wild Wing Cafe in Spartanburg for dinner.  There were some friends and family in tow, including my family.  This meant entertaining Blue and Violet with Snapchat while we waited at the restaurant.  

 Which eventually led to using the faceswap filter on Katie and Jim with terrifying results!

 I had good intentions of getting a photo of everyone's artwork.  Let's see how I did.  That's Ramey's photo above Metal Megan's steel sculpture.

 And there's Bolt's ceramic brains.

 Katie's graphic design self portrait.

 There's Chelsea and Buttermilk who came along to support their art friends.

 There's Olivia with her painting of herself.

 And there's Kristen with her drawing of Jamea.  That's all 6!

And during the awards ceremony Metal Megan racked up yet another award in her sculpture career with a Merit Award for her sculpture "Restore".  Way to go Megan!

 After Blue and Violet scarfed down some cookies, brownies and strawberries at the reception, we all moved down the street to Krispy Kreme to watch the doughnuts being made.  I took advantage of the signage on the wall to make this statement about myself.

 And this was Jim's prompt response to my photo!

 And this was everyone else's response to us in general.

 It looks like G ducked out of the photo before I took it, but Blue and Violet jumped in with everyone.  

I'm always proud of our students in these exhibits.  It's great to see their work side by side with the work of students from other universities.  It's also good to take home awards!  So proud of all of them.

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