Friday, June 21, 2013

blue's point of view

A couple of years ago Blue got a kid camera for Christmas.  He loved the indestructible thing and took tons of photos and videos.  He still has it and at the beach this year he started complaining about the poor quality of the photos on his camera.  Yeah, he's 6 years old.  

So this week I found the old iPhone 3g and charged the battery.  It's not a phone but it still works as a tiny computer and I thought I'd let him take some photos with it to see how he did.  When we go on our summer adventures it allows him to play games in the car and to take photos while we are there.  

This week we took our first field trips and here's how Blue saw them:

 So excited to have the camera he started taking pictures before we left the house.

 Our trip to the Columbia Museum of Art.  I thought this was a rather nice photo of the Henry Moore sculpture.

 And the photo that everyone takes of the Chihuly.

 He was excited to find all the hidden stars in this painting.

 He made me stand still for this one.

 He was especially fond of the older art upstairs.  After seeing him take a photo of this one, I also took one for myself.  

 He got an art explorer pack and got to draw in the community sketchbook.  He was inspired by the squares downstairs and drew this.  I love the skull and crossbones he put on top of it.

 That afternoon he took this one of Zeke.

 Next field trip, to Musgrove State Historical site.  A photo of a soldier.

 He took this one while we were all collecting ticks.

 Horseshoe Falls from his picnic site.

 He was thrilled to find this mushroom.  I was thrilled by the way he took the photo from directly overhead making an abstract composition.

And his view of dinner at Blue Ocean.

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