Sunday, April 7, 2013

a cry for help

Want to help an artist/teacher make it through the tough summer months of no paychecks?  I hope to provide you with ample opportunity to do so this summer and the first opportunity is here.

ArtFields is THE new art festival and competition for southern artists.  Artists from 12 states submitted entries to the juried art competition where $100,000 in cash prizes are up for grabs.  Yes, that comma is in the right place and I counted the zeros.  $100,000.

This is a 10 day festival featuring music, food and art in a place you've probably never visited before, Lake City, SC.  You've passed the exit on your way to the beach and if you eat fruits or vegetables from SC, you've tasted a bit of Lake City since they probably grew it.  

778 entries were considered and 400 artists were invited to compete.  Artwork will be exhibited in several main street venues including this guy:

"The One About Scrimshaw" will be exhibited at La Bamba Mexican Restaurant at 114 West Main Street, Lake City, SC 29560.  

This means I'm competing for the Top Prize of $50,000, the People's Choice prize of $25,000 and the Juried Panel prize of $25,000.  This make the house payment through the summer and maybe even buy a little steel.

How To Vote:

Here's the catch, you have to go to Lake City to register to vote.  Come on, you want to go to the beach anyway.  Take a bit of time to eat and vote, then be on your way.  You can get all the information you need by going to  You must register to vote in Lake City by going to "ArtFields Hub at the ROB", 245 South Church Street, Lake City, SC.  You'll need a photo ID to register.  The registration times are pretty normal (9 am to 7 pm most days) but check the website before you drive down.  Registration days are Friday, April 19 to Saturday, April 27.

Once you've registered you may vote at the ArtFields office at 110 East Main St or the Public Library at 221 East Main St or you may vote online at  You'll need your registration number to vote.  You may vote for a single artwork one time but you are allowed to vote for several different works of art.  I suggest a vote for me, of course, but you might also want to vote for Jon Holloway's beautiful photograph as well.  Then tell him you did so he'll give me a cut of his prize money.

How to continue to help:

Put this on your Facebook page and ask your friends and family to go register and vote for me. Tweet it, blog it or stand on the sidewalk dressed as the statue of liberty and wave a poster at people.  Get the church group on the bus and drive them there (that's what Jon is doing).  

For more information on this cool new event, go to and download the April edition of the magazine.  You can also go to

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