Wednesday, January 2, 2013

i love this guy

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Tom Starland. 

Tom is the publisher, editor, creator and king of Carolina Arts Magazine.  Ok, really he shares all that with Linda, his better half.  If it's art and it's in NC, SC or GA and you heard about it, you probably owe that to him. 

Tom's really great to us at Lander and he's been kind to me for many years.  A man this cool needs to have have a shirt to match his coolness.  Just before Christmas we mailed him a sculpture shirt and today he gave me a heads up that he had put something about it on the Facebooks. 

Such a nice thing for him to do for us.  And did you see that beard?  Excellent beard.  I'm jealous. 

If you exist in Facebook land, find Carolina Arts and friend it or like it or whatever you do there.  Then go to to download the January issue of the magazine for free.  Then go to to read his Carolina Arts Unleashed blog.  Then send Tom a note to thank him for all he does. 

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