Wednesday, December 12, 2012

mcabee's minions

I've had some great students this semester.  Talent, personality, sarcasm....they've got it all.  Starting with Sculpture I:
 First day of class.  Before they were sculptors.
 Last day of class.  After they mastered power tools and welding.
 It's a big class and since their facial expressions are funny and potentially embarrassing, let's zoom in.  Above:  Sean, Danielle, Whitney, Megan C and Megan T
 KJ and Fred flashing the "work, work, work" signal, Bennell, Anne, Ashanta and Brandy (Cessquatch) bending steel
 Abby with the stick, Katie (Katertot) reclining, Emily, Lydia striking Emily with a steel rod, and Ashley behind the flame mask
 Shawdrea (Shawny) attacking Kelsey with a grinder
 Then the other Sculpture I class posing
 Taylor spraying Margie who along with Leigh Ann is hitting EllenBess over the head
 Corey (who is not in the class but refused to get out of the photo), Jaaziah, Nich, Bethany with the sculpture pot on her head, Mia trying to clamp Bethany's head and that student whose name I can't remember (Erin) showing off a piece of steel
 Then there's the Advanced Sculpture and Master of Arts in Teaching group posing with Sam's sculpture.  Clockwise starting with the girl choking the guy:  AnnieBob choking Corey, Adri, Paul, Winston (or at least his eyes and hat), Patro, Scofield, Samantha and Other Paul (not in the photo)
Speaking of Samantha's sculpture, it's pretty cool, huh?


Linda said...

Love the outdoor installation of sculpture on campus -- nicely sited. Also fondly recall the angle of view for the group photos on the sculpture patio -- niftily enhanced by the sculpture logo. Well done!

Java said...

Yes, the sculpture logo is awesome.

The group looks like a fun crowd. Oh, that I were less agoraphobic and would come visit your classes. I so enjoy it.