Tuesday, August 14, 2012

sucking out the marrow of summer

What happens when you have a very productive summer and spend lots of time making sculpture and drawing?

You get to spend the last few precious days of summer painting doors and shutters...like someone asked you to do back in the spring.  I believe I've mentioned my disdain for painting. 

My summer break is officially over right about now.  I go back to campus tomorrow morning.  There are still a couple of things that need to be scratched off my to-do list but since all work and no play makes me a grumpy teacher, I decided to be kind to my fall students and work in a few more bits of fun.

Someone's Nana thought a Slip'N Slide would be a good idea.

And it was - for the kids.  When adults disregard the warning labels and age restrictions there are aches and pains to pay.  I'll save you the horror of those photos.

Blue had a birthday.  This is from his Super Mario birthday at his Nana's.

 Complete with Super Mario cupcakes, mustache and hat.

Tasty cupcakes provided by our sponsor, Delightful Dishes.  I think they have a website and an app for your phone.

 Violet helped with an errand that was technically work, but I needed a reason to put this photo here.

 I figure I've consumed about a metric ton of ice cream this summer.  And it's never just ice plain ice cream, there's always something even less healthy mixed in with it.  But I've discovered that if you run 3 miles every day it's OK to eat ice cream.  Today I met my goal of running every day during the summer break.  And I think I only had to run in the rain once or twice.  The trusted running shoes above were retired today.  They plan to by an RV and travel a bit before moving to the beach. 

 Blue and I went for one more hike before we start back to school.  He was kind enough to put away his Legos and his Mario game long enough to climb a mountain.

 Caesar's Head is higher than Table Rock (seen in the distance) and you can drive right up to the peak.  I'm not sure Blue was adequately impressed with the view.

 He seemed to think it was cool but he wanted to know exactly what he was looking out at.  He asked me to show him where our house was and when I pointed him in the general direction and told him it was a little farther than he could see....he started looking around for bugs and rocks to throw. 

 The ranger station/gift shop had a large 3D model of the area showing the Blue Ridge Escarpment with several points of interest highlighted.  He looked at the images and asked questions about them.  When he pointed at the photo of the cross on the Pretty Place Chapel I asked him if he knew what that was.  What I expected him to say was, "that's a cross".  What he said was, "Hey!  That's the place where God got dead!".

 While you don't have to hike to the overlook, there are lots of hiking trails at the park.  I let him pick a winner and off we went.  He talked enough to scare off bears and snakes and he only paused a few times to use my old phone to take some of his own photos. 

 He spotted this little snail hiding in a tree trunk and had to have a photo to show his mom.

And now I should probably go and try to find where I stored all the pants that are not cargo shorts.

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