Friday, August 24, 2012

meetings are hard

 This week the art department gathered for our kick off meeting.  This meeting is usually a lengthy one so we decided to make the most of it by turning it into a lake retreat.
 After a few hours of shop talk we headed out to the boat for some fresh air.
 Professor Snipes demonstrated her ski talents.
 As did Professor Holloway.  Professor Slagle did as well, but I must not have captured that on film.
 Afterwards we headed back to continue making profound decisions for the academic year.
 The meeting lasted late into the night.
 A small wax sculpture was made.
 The meeting continued the following morning.  After a brisk 6km run and a hearty breakfast, the department of champions put in just below the dam for a day on the Saluda river. 
 Professor Singletary stopped texting long enough to pose for a photo.
 I was in my hermit kayak.  My view down river:  The Slagle boat.
 My view up river:  The Holloway boat.
We accomplished a ton of stuff and made some decisions that will strengthen our program and make our students even better.  One thing this group seems to understand is that you can have a lot of fun and be really great at what you do at the same time. 
One more week of preparation before classes begin.


Java said...

The Slagle Viking looks mighty fierce.

How were the first two days of classes?

e-sketchbook said...

we're off and running. it's going to be a great semester.