Saturday, April 14, 2012

winning and losing

I had myself all prepared to be social at an art event Friday night and the child who never, ever gets sick.  True, I was not heartbroken about not having to go, but we were looking forward to seeing Molly and Josh!.....and I was hoping to see 2 former students who were also accepted into the exhibit, Jacob Olsen and Alastair Hutchison.

As soon as the kids were in bed Molly sent a text message congratulating me on an award.  I got another mysterious text this morning and then my old friend Austin was nice enough to send some official verification of said award:  (note Jacob's impressive work on the link)

The Jasper "State-of-the-Art" Award.  Lucky break for me and I'm thrilled and grateful.  But just to keep my self esteem in check, the universe coordinated the delivery of a rejection letter to an international juried show today. 

Well played, universe.  Well played.

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Java said...

Congrats on the Jasper award!