Wednesday, October 5, 2011

pig places

Squealin' On The Square is something we've looked forward to since moving here. It's a BBQ competition and festival and it's a pretty big deal. There were vendors and people giving away nice free things... free autumn photos where your kids act like they are having teeth pulled. They laugh and cackle until you make them sit down and someone pulls out a camera. Then they slouch and sulk.

And then they laugh and cackle again. Blue loved the obstacle course.

He also enjoyed the ice cream...
While Violet enjoyed a steady mixture of ice cream and baked beans. Yes, my kids eat vegetables.
I stayed veggie-free with the pulled pork. BBQ is one of our staple foods. BBQ restaurants are called "Pig Places" by Blue and Violet. I'm not looking forward to the conversation we'll have after Blue asks about the connection between cute pigs and BBQ.

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