Sunday, October 2, 2011

oh canada

Jermel is 6' 6" and most of that seems to be made up of legs. He is one of our art majors and he is a star on the basketball team. Those legs are the right proportion for sprinting back and forth on the court but they make sitting on the drawing benches for 3 hours rather uncomfortable. On the regular size benches he looked like an adult riding a toy tricycle.
Ever wonder what individualized instruction really looks like? Sometimes it looks like this. I took some time last week and hooked him up with a sweet Jermel-sized bench splashed with a bit of his Toronto hometown.

A photo of the Canadian ride along with a regular sized bench for comparison. When I tried it out my feet were a good six inches above the floor.

This is Jermel with his ever-present headphones enjoying his personalized seat. This is not the intended use for the bench, but it was so tall he was able to substitute it for a high stool to work on a tabletop.
Why choose a small liberal arts university? Because the professors will not only know you by name, they may also choose to modify the classroom furniture to suit your needs.


Ginger said...

Very cool My Friend, very cool indeed.

Austin said...

You are one of a kind, my friend.

Editor said...

hey, that's a nice thing you did for your friend.

i want to make one of them there benches.
do you have the dimensions?