Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joe Kwon

We saw the Avett Brothers again last weekend. Everyone had a favorite Beatle back in the day and apparently everyone has to have a favorite Avett. My wife loves Seth. Ginger alternates between Seth and Scott. Alicia loves Bob. My argument is that while Bob has great taste in universities (Winthrop) no one could ever hope to be as cool as Joe Kwon. Have a look... That's what it looks like to love what you do. That's what it looks like to be completely lost in your creative outlet.
That's what it looks like to play the cello in a rock band while destroying a bow.

Of course I envy his hair too, but you can't help but like someone who is always positive and always so grateful to be doing what he loves. He really seems to enjoy every minute.

Joe's a good guy. I like him.

If you like food - you might enjoy Joe's food blog: http://www.tasteontour.com/

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