Friday, April 8, 2011

in a van down by the river

Installation day for the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition was today. Ethel's Daughter made the trip down to Charleston to Riverfront Park. I envy the view she has until March of 2012. It's a beautiful park and it was a beautiful day for digging a 30 inch hole through concrete and gravel. Charleston is already hot and humid if you were wondering.
Ethel's Daughter and her spectacular view of the Cooper River

Ethel's Daughter and her new friend "Creapy Crawley" to the right
We drove through the old Naval Officers' residences to get to the back entrance of the park. This great house was up on a hill with sculpted oaks and spanish moss in the front and the river in the back. I want this house. Sadly it's a bit of a drive to Lander.

The back yard slopes down to the park and to the river. The small red speck in the center of the photo is Ethel's Daughter. And......
I got to see this guy.

Adam Walls is a sculptor and a professor at UNC Pembroke. Adam and I go back a ways. He lived in or around Spartanburg for some years and he and my brother travel in the same circles. He was also in the MFA program with me at Winthrop during my last 2 years of school. The image above tells you how he's doing these days. This is a nice 2 page article on his work in the January/February 2011 issue of Sculpture Magazine. I'm pretty jealous of it.

Adam is one of the nicer guys on the planet and if you get the chance - you should meet him. You can see his work at Adam created the "Creapy Crawley" sculpture in the 2nd image up there and I'm lucky to have such a cool installation neighbor.

Fun fact from today's tour of the interstate: We saw a blimp.

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Java said...

Adam Walls paints his sculpture polychromatically. Just sayin'.