Sunday, December 26, 2010

all the whos down in whoville liked Christmas a lot

The first week off was productive. I secretly shopped and hid surprises. I deep fried a turkey. I watched all the required Christmas movies. Or at least the movies played while I stayed up late drawing.

It's 24" x 48" and I think it's called "To Be Here". That could change I guess. It's still fresh. I wish I had remembered to bring my other prepped wood panel home from Greenwood for the break. It would have been nice to have the stash of Sharpies in my office too.

Photographic proof that one of my brothers really does have 9 kids.

Little Cindy Lou Who playing in the Christmas snow. With a little breakfast left on her face.

Blue has been asking for snow since the day it melted last year. He's been wanting to go out and make a snowman car again (if that sounds weird...find the photos from last winter and you'll get it). It was difficult to explain to him that it was too cold for good snowballs and snowmen. We did manage to fashion one large snowball.

Blue and Violet in the snow on Christmas day. On our side of town it didn't start to stick until almost dark.

The snow enhanced my annoying blue Christmas lights on my Charlie Brown tree.

Christmas morning hula hooping. You know, it's photos like this that make me realize just how much of a freakshow our home decor really is. Wow.

She did eventually play with the toy....but only after working out all the creative possibilities of the box.

It took a while.

I know it's the wrong religious holiday but I can't shake the idea of "The Pieta" when I see this one. Blue and his cousin Logan.


Austin said...

deep fried turkey, charlie brown reference, breakfast face, snow car and the joy of playing in a box....great post!

e-sketchbook said...

thanks austin!

happy new year!