Saturday, November 6, 2010

gardening at night

I made a couple of trips to Augusta in the last couple of months. The first trip was dropping off a sculpture and the second trip just a couple of Fridays ago was to pick the same sculpture up and give it a ride home. There sure are a lot of cows between here and there.

I tried to enjoy the long ride each time and I have to say it was tough. It was just me and the sculpture and some podcasts. This last trip there were also some leaves and that was pleasant. About 5 minutes of what feels like 50 hours of driving is a quick trip along I-520. It's a new stretch of interstate that sits up on a ridge overlooking the Savannah River valley. The view there was interesting and I would have taken some photos but I was pretty sure if I tried that I would lose the nice computer-lady's voice telling me exactly when to exit the new interstate and head back toward the cows. I like my phone but it's beyond me.

We also had some Halloween stuff. Blue wanted to be a football player so he was a USC Gamecock for half the night to appease his mom and then he was a Steeler the rest of the night to appease his dad. I would have preferred something scary but I guess this jersey could have been scary to some.

I do take not-so-great photos most of the time but I can't take all the blame for the blurry kid photos. These children will sit or stand still for hours until you pull out a camera and then it's like they are dancing on hot coals. Forget positioning them in the frame, you'll be lucky to catch even a limb in the shot and even then it will appear as a blurry flash of skin.

Seven photos of her coming down the steps and this was the only one where she wasn't blurred beyond recognition. Cute though.
We only had a few trick or treaters come to our door this year and that includes the car full of kids who were apparently dressed up as "kids from another street". No costume, no "trick or treat!" shouted at the door....just kids in regular clothes ringing the bell and standing there looking at you. Is it possible to lose the true meaning of Halloween? I wanted to call Linus in to read them something meaningful from the Bible but he was out in the pumpkin patch waiting for someone.
Speaking of driving.....
My daily commutes have had me on sun's schedule this semester. The sun peaks up on one side of the road and slips down on the other pausing briefly to flash a little color before continuing on his way. These little shots of kindness usually bookend my days.

Our friend Ginger is talented enough with her little phone that she can make decent videos with it. She grabbed this video from the Langhorne Slim show last week:

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