Tuesday, March 9, 2010

a film and a show

"Home" is a short film featuring BenJack as the director of photography. It is a simple and beautiful film. So beautiful, in fact, that it's tough for me to believe BenJack did it. I kid, I kid.

Go to thedoorpost.com and vote for this film.

I wrestled with BenJack back in the day about putting his love of procrastination behind him. The years after he left my classes I would check on him periodically to see if he was still slacking. After seeing this film several times now and seeing some of his other video and photo work I think he may have finally kicked the habit. This is really well done. I'm proud to know him.

Other BenJack work can be found on www.benjack.net


I hate that I'm just now getting around to this, but you still have another week to go to Columbia to see this:

Josh is a hooligan, a teacher, and an artist. Go here to read a good article about Josh and the show: http://artpluscayce.blogspot.com/2010/03/artcayce-proudly-presents-josh-drews.html

And go to his website at www.joshdrews.com


Brandon Wade said...

Oh, he's still very much a slacker. But he's definitely put some awesome things together the past few months. And has ambitious plans for his new documentary on our senior show. But yes, Home is a nice achievement. Very beautiful, and very much a positive view of Rock Hill.

benjack said...

Thanks Doug!

Samir Zahran said...

Ben Jack isn't so much a slacker—more like a guy who only get's around to working on the projects he wants to work on, while everything else piles up in the background. But seriously, Home was beautiful and so is most of his stuff.

benjack said...

@samir Thanks! And I agree with your assessment of my work habits. Haha

@brandon Thanks! My plan is to make the documentary even more beautiful!

e-sketchbook said...

I mention BenJack and my web popularity skyrockets.

Must find ways to mention BenJack in every post from now on.

BenJack: I hold on to hope that you can break free from procrastination's evil grasp.