Sunday, November 8, 2009

No seriously, the date should read 10-31-09

One of the cool things about a 3 year old is that he doesn't care if mom and dad are a week late getting around to carving jack o'lanterns. The chaos around here lately caused us to annex the first week of November into the last week of October. Here's a step by step that would make Martha Stewart proud.

How to create Abstract Expressionist Jack O'Lanterns:
First you freehand the face in washable marker.

Then you carefully carve out the facial features.

Insert candle.

Wait for dark and pose with sister.
Now I have dried pumpkin guts on my iphone. Pumpkins are evil.
In other news, I may get a chance to start a new drawing project this week. That means the kid rooms are finished and the art table has found a new temporary home. Baseball is over until Spring Training and that whole World Series was just sad wasn't it? As a Cub fan, I always have to pick a new team to pull for in the post season and they always seem to find a way to lose. This is why I don't buy lottery tickets. Oh, and I don't want to be negative and just tear someone down, but I cant shake the feeling that Weezer owes me $9.99. I mean, really guys?

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