Wednesday, November 25, 2009

it's a thanksgiving miracle

Blue did this. I'm reasonably impressed.

Donovan came to town for the holiday. I think he tried to eat our baby.
He brought his new friend Alyssa along for the tour stops. She's cool. We approve.

When we were introduced the first thing she did was comment on my creative work. I was a bit caught off guard. I suppose I'm geared to expect art talk at school or in a gallery setting, but when I'm home such talk is rare. I could almost feel my brain shifting sides. Of course I realize that this could have simply been a ploy to win my respect instantly...and if so....well played Alyssa. Well played.
I've neglected my sketchbook in the madness that has been the last few weeks. I need to start a new drawing but I also have a new book I want to read. I bet the book is going to win and if I can make myself remember, I'll tell you why later.

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Austin S. Turner said...

great photo post!
I have a new blog, follow it?