Thursday, March 13, 2008

see the birds?

Dont bother, there are no birds. This is just one of the phrases I hear several times each day. Sometimes there are birds. Sometimes not. Sometimes it becomes "hear the birds?". And really the "ds" in birds comes out with more of a "ths" sound.
I also get a chorus of "see the doggies?", "outside?", "ready...GO", "mailbox", "delicioso" (thank you Dora), and the now infamous "crap, crap, crap, crap!".
The talker in training is 1 1/2 and he's very entertaining. One thing I've noticed this week is how different his view of the world may be from mine. Nothing is boring to him. Nothing is to be overlooked. He spots everything and takes the time to point it out, touch it, and taste it unless someone stops him. In his 1 1/2 years of wisdom he seems to have a firm grasp on the importance of taking the time to really experience the things around him.

When he stands up on the back of the couch and looks out the window above, he sees Neverland. I mean, dont you see those birds? Cant you hear those dogs? Check out those bright yellow flowers. And what's all these clumps of green stuff. I bet you could run full speed across the grass and just jump in it. Oh and look at all those sticks just waiting to be picked up and carried around.
When I look out I mostly see that the grass needs cutting, the mulch needs re-mulching, and we probably need to get new windows soon.

I like what he sees better.

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