Sunday, March 23, 2008

The old is the new new

Way back in my pre-kid life, I was afraid that having a kid would make me less productive as an artist. And certainly, there is the fact of time consumption to wrestle with, but I'm finding that just the opposite has been true so far. The first year or so has been a very creative and productive time.
Perhaps the most interesting thing is what the miniature one is teaching me about observation. I've always paid attention and considered myself an observer. I've even been careful to record sights, sounds, and events in my sketchbooks. But when you have someone who demands and gets your full attention pointing out every tiny detail around them, you begin to realize how all the smaller, less important things have escaped your notice for years.
In the last few days I've had the sun, the birds, the water, the cars, the trees, the door, the moon, and the wind called to my attention by someone who was truly amazed by the beauty of each one.
Here's a one year old teaching me about the sublime.

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