Tuesday, July 3, 2018


It's time for the Summer Studio Sale.  The one day of the year you are actually invited to my house.

Saturday, July 7 you'll be able to tour my small drawing and sculpture studios and purchase super cool artwork at super affordable prices.  This year I have three guest artists with work for sale:  Sandy Singletary, Elizabeth Snipes and folk artist Leroy Perkins.  Here's everything you need to know:

The location.
Set your GPS to 6815 Hwy 49 Laurens, SC 29360.  

The date and time.
July 7, 10am to 5pm

The goods.
Drawings, sculptures, and wearable art will be available from me.  The coolest drawings and paintings by Elizabeth Snipes-Rochester.  The best ceramic work from Sandy Singletary will be here.  Cool, new folk art will be available from my friend Leroy Perkins.  This year I'll also have a limited number of "The Book Of Butts" and "The Book Of Skulls" paperback books plus the NEW book "The Book Of Butts II"!   We have a cool design for this year's special studio sale tshirts available for purchase.  Seriously, we'll have all the stuff you can't live without here.

The prices.
There will be art priced from $5 up to the hundreds.  There's no gallery commission here so this is as cheap as you'll ever see it.  Something for every budget!

The payment.
We expect to have Square up and running for the sale so we can take debit and credit cards!  We take cash from everyone.  Checks from family and friends.  We can also accept Paypal through the "send money" option to georgiedmac@aol.com.

The foods.
Georgie is planning to set you up with complementary snacks and drinks worthy of the drive.  Sweets and drinks and all sorts of great goodies.  These will go fast!

The giveaway.
Everyone who attends will be entered to win an ink on wood drawing.  Everyone who makes a purchase gets entered a second time.

The internet.
If you cant make the drive, you may make internet purchases beginning at 11am on July 7.  Shoppers who show up will have an hour head start on the good stuff, so please text , email or call me to be sure the item you want is still available.  You must pay by card or Paypal at the time of the purchase.  Call or text for cards.  Paypal payment can be made by using the "send money" option, not "goods and services" to georgiedmac@aol.com or you can email me and we can send you an invoice by email with Paypal link for payment.  Please add the shipping cost to the price when you pay.  If you don't pay shipping, arrange to pick up your item.  (Shop online below as updated photos appear.  I'll update this post with photos and prices in the coming days.)

The truth.
If you've never made it to the sale in person, you need to come.  There will be tons more than just drawings and sculptures available.  Steel mugs, flowers, keychains, jewelry, yard art and even art made by my kids will be here.  There will be things that you never knew existed but you can't live another day without.  We are 45 mins from Columbia, 45 mins from Greenwood, 30 mins from Greenville and 30 mins from Spartanburg.

Come on, you know you've always wanted to come to Laurens.  Here's your chance.  Let me know if you have any questions.

*Shipping will vary based on size and weight.  If you need your purchases shipped, please contact me by text or email before purchasing.

Online shopping begins at 11:00am, Saturday, July 7.  Some of the items below may be sold on site by then.  It's best to shop in person but if you have questions, let me know.

16"x30" painted farm animals by Leroy Perkins, $30 each

16" skulls made from organ keys and recycled parts by Leroy Perkins, $40 each

Circle flowers by Leroy Perkins (about 13" across), $30 each.  4 colors available.

Ring flowers by Leroy Perkins (about 21" across), $30 each.  6 available in various colors.

 Big flowers made of combination locks by Leroy Perkins, (15" - 24" across), $30 each

Medium flowers made of combination locks by Leroy Perkins, $25

Small (5") flowers made of bolts and combination locks by Leroy Perkins, $20

Red chicken made of combination locks by Leroy Perkins, $40

Steel cut out dogs for the yard by Leroy Perkins.  1/8" thick steel, very strong with spike to go into ground.  Flat black...
 bulldog $40 (21"tall)

 pug $30 (14"tall)

 dachshund $40 (11" x 28")

 chihuahua $30 (15" tall)

 labrador $40 (28"tall)

 german shepherd $40 (28"tall)

 sitting puppy $30 (18"tall)

playful puppy $40 (22"tall)

farm animal cut outs by Leroy Perkins, made from old chicken houses, $40 each

custom sharpie mug $15

custom sharpie teacup with saucer $20

custom sharpie plates, $30 for 11" plates, $20 for 8" plates
(frantically working on finishing more plates and mugs for Saturday)

pendants for necklaces and keychains $5 each

butt drawings from this year in various sizes and materials $20 and up

New this year, The Book Of Butts II, a collection of the most interesting butt drawings from the last year, $20

And I still have a few copies of the books from the last 2 years, The Book of Skulls and The Book Of Butts I.  Very limited copies left, $20 each.

This year's t-shirt design.  White print on black short sleeve tshirt.  Limited supply, $20 each.

and if you can wear a Large or XL, I may have a few shirts from 2016 and 2017 left for $10 each!

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